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1.   Tenders will be received from experienced UPK Registered Contractor for “Category C or B” with Head VII, Sub-head 2(a)(ii) with their own compressed type scavenging truck for the refuse collection and disposal services in MDMD areas of jurisdiction for Majlis Daerah Matu Dan Daro namely Matu and Daro.


  1. Tenders will be considered for the acceptance only on the Tender Forms provided which must be submitted under sealed cover clearly marked:


2.1 “Tenders For Refuse Collection and Disposal Services in Daro” Tender

      No. MDMD/PH/S/T/D/1/2019


2.2 “Tenders For Refuse Collection and Disposal Services in Matu” Tender

      No. MDMD/PH/S/T/M/1/2019


to reach Secretary, Majlis Daerah Matu Dan Daro not later than 11.30 am on 28.11.2018(Monday).


  1. At the time of submitting a tender, the tenderer will be required to submit a tender deposit of RM 1,000.00 and non-refundable tender form fee of RM100.00. This tender deposit of RM 1,000.00 shall be refunded to the unsuccessful tenderer within 56 days of the closing date of the tender.  For the successful tenderer the said deposit will only be refunded in the month following the first payment of the contract price provided always this said deposit will be forfeited by Matu Dan Daro District Council without prejudice to their rights if recover damage for any loss incurred should the successful tender failed within 14 days from the date of acceptance to enter its contract agreement.


  1. A tenderer/contractor should be legally capable of making a contract and should be under no legal or physical disability.


  1. A tenderer/contractor should not submit more than one tender in respect of this work.


  1. Mutilated, defaced or uncompleted tender forms may be rejected.


  1. The tenderer/contractor whose tender is accepted shall when required enter into a formal contract with the Council for the due execution of the work.


  1. The tender will remain open for acceptance for a period of 56 days from the date the tenders closes.


  1. Only tender submitted by authorized signatory/signatories of tendering persons shall be considered.


  1. Any amendment, alteration and tempering of the tender document is strictly prohibited and will be disqualified.


  1. Tender documents are obtainable from BAHAGIAN KESIHATAN AWAM, MAJLIS DAERAH MATU DAN DARO during normal office hours upon payments of the deposit of RM1,000.00 in form of Cashier Order/Banker’s Cheque in favour of Matu Dan Daro District Council and crossed Account Payee Only and non-refundable document fee of RM100.00 in cash only. Interested tenderers must produce proof of the followings prior to the release of the tender document:-

11.1   Certificate of Registration of Contractor issued by the UPK for category C or B with Head IV, Sub-Head 2(a)(ii).

11.2    Current trade licence and Business Trade Names Registration Certificate.

11.3    Extract of company shareholders, if any,

11.4    Certified true copy of the Vehicle registration Green Card.

11.5    Name of tenderer, New Identity Card, address and telephone number.


12. The council does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender received nor it will be responsible for any cost incurred by the tenderer.




Date :    7.11.2018              



















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